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BEST Ahi Tuna & Crab in Chandler, Arizona

Ahi Tuna & Crab

Discover the Best Ahi Tuna & Crab in Chandler, Arizona here at TwentyThree01 Sports Lounge & Bar! Great food, drinks, good reviews while enjoying sports shows. Visit the best place to eat and watch sports here in Chandler, Arizona!


Where to eat the Best Ahi Tuna & Crab near me? Come experience the ultimate culinary delight in Chandler, Arizona, at TwentyThree01 Sports Lounge & Bar, where we proudly serve the Best Ahi Tuna & Crab Poke Bowl in town! Our establishment is renowned for its exceptional food and drinks, coupled with rave reviews from satisfied patrons. Whether you're a sports enthusiast or simply looking for a great dining experience, our lounge offers the perfect ambiance to enjoy both. Indulge in the flavors of our signature dish, featuring a delectable combination of rice, spicy tuna, crab mix, crisp cucumber, creamy avocado, fresh green onions, nori, sesame seeds, and a tantalizing blend of ponzu sauce, spicy mayo, and eel sauce. However, we remind our guests that consuming raw or undercooked foods may pose a risk of foodborne illness, so please dine responsibly.

At TwentyThree01 Sports Lounge & Bar, we invite you to savor not only the finest cuisine but also the excitement of watching your favorite sports shows. Located in the heart of Chandler, Arizona, our establishment stands as the premier destination for those seeking the perfect fusion of delectable flavors and thrilling entertainment. Join us for an unforgettable dining experience where every bite is a celebration of culinary excellence, and every moment is infused with the exhilaration of sportsmanship.

 TwentyThree01 Sports Lounge & Bar
 TwentyThree01 Sports Lounge & Bar
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